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Geodesign Summit: Preconference CommunityViz Workshop

Registration for the Geodesign Summit preconference workshop: “Hands-On Introduction to CommunityViz Software for Geodesign” is now open. Space is limited, so register today for both the Geodesign Summit and the preconference workshop.

Hands-On Introduction to CommunityViz Software for Geodesign

Tuesday, January 28th, 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

This lively, half-day training session is an introduction to using CommunityViz® software for planners in the context of geodesign. CommunityViz is an award-winning ArcGIS for Desktop extension widely used by urban and regional planners for planning analysis, visualization, and public engagement. Geodesign is a core capability, and this workshop will give participants hands-on exposure to powerful and practical tools for the following:

  • Development potential for future growth
  • Interactive site suitability analysis
  • Real-time sketching and impact calculations
  • Fly-through 3D models

The session offers an outstanding opportunity to get a taste of the CommunityViz experience and introductory training in just a few hours’ time at a special conference rate.

Intended Audience

This session is intended for anyone interested in geodesign for planning who is not already using CommunityViz. Basic familiarity with ArcGIS for Desktop is recommended.




Certified CommunityViz educators from Placeways, the makers of CommunityViz software

New CommunityViz Video Tutorial Library

Placeways is happy to announce our new, free CommunityViz Video Tutorial Library.

The CommunityViz Video Tutorial Library is now available here:  http://placeways.com/communityviz/resources/videotutorials.php

You can also find the videos on the Placeways channel on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Placeways

These high-definition streaming videos are narrated segments of about 2 – 10 minutes each.  They provide a wide range of how-tos and demos of CommunityViz components, decision tools, functions, and more.  There are more than two dozen videos now posted, representing well over 2 hours of total content, with more to come in the future.

Book Sale

“The Planner’s Guide to CommunityViz: The Essential Tool for a New Generation of Planning” is on sale in the APA bookstore until September 30th. Buy it here!

New Case Study: Treasure Valley Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

We have posted another case study with help from Ian Hanou at Plan-ItGeo and David Stephenson at Idaho Department  of Lands.

The case study is Treasure Valley Urban Tree Canopy Assessment- Urban Forestry in Southwestern Idaho. Read the full case study on our website: http://placeways.com/communityviz/gallery/casestudies/pdf/TVUTC.pdf

CommunityViz 4.3 for ArcGIS 10.2 is now available!

CommunityViz 4.3 for ArcGIS 10.2 offers the same great CommunityViz 4.3 features and is compatible with Esri’s latest ArcGIS 10.2 release.

Upgrades are free if you have an active CommunityViz 4.2 support license or already have CommunityViz 4.3 for ArcGIS 10.0 or 10.1.

We are now supporting four forms of CommunityViz, which includes both Scenario 360 and Scenario 3D:

  • CommunityViz 4.1 for ArcGIS 9.2/9.3
  • CommunityViz 4.3 for ArcGIS 10.0
  • CommunityViz 4.3 for ArcGIS 10.1
  • CommunityViz 4.3 for ArcGIS 10.2

Use the CommunityViz version that matches your version of ArcGIS.  If you haven’t upgraded to ArcGIS 10.2 yet, please continue to use your current version of CommunityViz.

Note that this is a one-way upgrade from 9.2/9.3 or 10.0: once you have opened a CommunityViz analysis in ArcGIS 10.2, it will no longer work in ArcGIS 9.2/9.3 or ArcGIS 10.0.  However, ArcGIS 10.2 analyses will continue to work in ArcGIS 10.1.

CommunityViz 4.3 highlighted features: new 360 Indicators Wizard, support for python custom script tools, improved licensing, and numerous core updates, as well as the same powerful, flexible capabilities as CommunityViz 4.2. For more information on new 4.3 features, check out our CommunityViz Resources page.

To upgrade to CommunityViz 4.3 for ArcGIS 10.2:

  • Uninstall your current CommunityViz software (including Scenario 360 and Scenario 3D)
  • Download and run the new installer, often called a “free download,” available here.
  • Reactivate your license using Start > All Programs > CommunityViz > Activate License. Enter your license ID and password for Single Seat Licenses or enter the Network License Server name for Network Licenses. If you are using Decision Tools licenses, you will also need to reactivate these.
  • Start and run CommunityViz normally. Your existing CommunityViz files and analyses should all work fine. Remember, though, that ArcGIS 10.2 analyses won’t work again in ArcGIS 9.2/9.3 or ArcGIS 10, but will work in ArcGIS 10.1.
  • If you find some controls or toolbars are inactive or grayed out, check that the Scenario 360 and Scenario 3D extensions are turned on in ArcMap.
  • More detailed installation instructions are available on our CommunityViz Resources page.

Questions? Please let us know: support \at\ placeways \dot\ com.  And as always, thank you for using CommunityViz.

New 4.3 Update Available

Keep your software humming with the latest FREE update for Version 4.3.

To install it, follow these quick steps:

  1. Close CommunityViz and ArcGIS
  2. From your computer’s Start button, go to All Programs | CommunityViz | Check for Scenario 360 Updates
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest version
  4. Reactive your license:
    1. Go to All Programs | CommunityViz | Activate License
    2. When prompted to Select License Type, choose “Existing License File”
    3. When prompted to Find License File, choose Browse
    4. By default, you will be taken to C:\Program Files (x86)\CommunityViz\Scenario 360\.  Choose the file Scenario 360.lf and click Open.  If you have placed your license file somewhere else, browse to that location.
    5. Finish the license activation wizard
  5. Enjoy the latest and best version of CommunityViz!

New Case Study: Communities in Motion 2040

We have just posted a new CommunityViz case study!

Communities in Motion 2040: Scenario Planning for the first year of the LRTP update was a project completed by the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS), Placeways, and EnviroIssues.

This project just won a 2013 Special Achievement in GIS Award for outstanding use of GIS technology in regional scenario planning.

You can read the case study here: http://placeways.com/communityviz/gallery/casestudies/pdf/COMPASS.pdf

CommunityViz at CUPUM 2013

Congratulations to Robert Goodspeed, Scott Lieske, Jeffrey Hamerlinck, and Gustavo Arciniegas, who all gave presentations on CommunityViz projects and research at CUPUM 2013: The 13th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management. The conference took place July 2nd-July 5th at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. To learn more about the conference, take a look at their website: http://cupum2013.geo.uu.nl/

Seeking CommunityViz Case Studies

Have you done something good with CommunityViz lately?  Let us know!

Placeways is collecting and publishing CommunityViz case studies that tell the world about your work and about CommunityViz.  You can see samples on the CommunityViz website.

These easy-to-read, 2-page reports are very popular with current and future CommunityViz users alike.  They’re a free, high-visibility way to showcase your successes, and of course they’re wonderful for CommunityViz, too.

It’s easy — we do (almost) all the work!  All we need from you is your story, time for a telephone interview, and some nice screenshots or photos.  We do the writing, formatting and production.

If you think you have a project that might qualify for this opportunity, please e-mail us at service (at) placeways (dot) com.

Introducing Student Licenses

In addition to our special Academic prices for schools who are using CommunityViz for education and research, Placeways is now pleased to introduce Student Licenses for individual students.

Read more about the CommunityViz Student Licensing on our site or email us at service (at) placeways (dot) com for more information.