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CommunityViz® Product Information

CommunityViz tools allow you to envision alternatives and understand their potential impacts; explore options and share possibilities with others who have a stake in the outcomes; examine scenarios from all angles - and feel confident that you've made the best possible decisions.

CommunityViz 4.4, an extension for Esri's ArcGIS platform, consists of two components: Scenario 360 for analysis and communication, and Scenario 3D for 3D visualization.

Scenario 360 Scenario 3D CommunityViz Esri

Diagram of CommunityViz and its components

Together or separately, these ArcGIS® extensions allow you to create geographic scenarios, analyze their impacts, and view them in photo-realistic 3-D scenes.

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For a list of features available in CommunityViz 4.4, click here.

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