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Scenario 360

Land-use planning made visual.

CommunityViz Scenario 360 is GIS-based decision support software for regional and local planners. It is an ArcGIS® extension that adds interactive analysis tools and a decision-making framework to the ArcGIS platform. Scenario 360 helps you view, analyze and understand land-use alternatives and impacts.

Scenario 360

With Scenario 360 you can:

  • Easily sketch and experiment with hypothetical scenarios
  • Assess economic, environmental, social, and visual considerations
  • Make and change assumptions on the fly
  • View impacts of proposed changes
  • Make comprehensive, informed decisions
  • Connect to your choice of 3D visualization tools

Scenario 360 is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that makes the land-use planning process more visual, more collaborative and more effective. Some of the key features include:

  • Sketch tools and Land-Use Designer let you "paint" land use types on a map and instantly see associated socioeconomic and environmental impacts. Use pre-defined land-use models or create your own.
  • Build-Out Wizard calculates the development capacity of your land: numerically, spatially, and in 3D visuals. And the available Allocator lets you project how that capacity will be used.
  • Suitability automatically rates different locations according to weightable factors you set.
  • TimeScope lets you look at changes year by year simply by moving a slider bar.
  • View multiple scenarios side-by-side in one analysis.
  • Easily create web-ready illustrations of your analyses for viewing interactively in 2D or in 3D through Google Earth.
  • Dynamic charts, alerts, and other displays update in real time as you explore alternatives.
  • Use 360 Indicators Wizard to generate up to 101 Indicators related to land use, housing, demographics, transportation, environment, and more!

Scenario 360 is a component of CommunityViz 4.4.

Learn more about Scenario 360, or watch video demos.