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Scenario 360

Scenario 360

Common uses of Scenario 360

Scenario 360 is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that makes the land-use planning process more visual, more collaborative, and more effective.

  • Comprehensive planning
  • Site selection and evaluation
  • Build-out analysis
  • Development proposal analysis
  • Public participation
  • Cost estimating
  • Visual impact analysis
  • Land evaluation and sustainability analysis
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Forest management planning
  • Wildfire risk assessment
  • Habitat fragmentation evaluation
  • Water quality management

For real-life examples of how CommunityViz has been used, check out the Case Study Library.

Integration with ArcGIS

Scenario 360 runs as an extension to ArcGIS Desktop and integrates smoothly with the rest of ArcGIS.

Scenario 360 is a desktop application. If you have the Network Analyst or Spatial Analyst extensions, Scenario 360 can use them for network-based or raster-based formula functions. If you have the 3D Analyst extension, Scenario 360 can be run as an extension to ArcScene.

Scenario 360 takes advantage of the powerful capabilities of ArcGIS so it can use almost any data that ArcGIS can.