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About Placeways

Placeways' advanced services and software for planners help shape the future of communities and regions around the world. From innovative professional planning services, to award-winning CommunityViz planning software, to custom GIS-based software applications, Placeways is here to help you make your world a better place.

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Placeways LLC is a software and services firm specializing in GIS-based planning services and technology. National leaders in scenario planning and related fields, our professional services consultants assist communities and regions with innovative visualization and analysis technology for planning. Our award-winning software, CommunityViz®, is widely used throughout North America and the world for scenario-based land-use planning and 3D visualization. In addition, our custom software developers create innovative, interactive applications for a wide variety of planning analysis and outreach needs.

Planning Services
From our base in Boulder, Colorado we support innovative planning projects all over North America. Our projects span all aspects of land use, transportation and comprehensive planning, and we work at scales from a single site to entire regions. As GIS experts and innovators, we use CommunityViz and other tools for everything from sophisticated modeling and analysis to public-friendly visualization and education. We are collaborators by nature, accustomed to working in concert with clients and partners to tailor locally-appropriate, meaningful, and highly effective project solutions.

CommunityViz Software for Planners
Award-winning CommunityViz planning software is used around the world to support informed, collaborative decisions about the future of communities, cities and regions where people live. With thousands of licensees in 40 countries around the world, CommunityViz is a popular, versatile tool that no GIS-capable planner should be without. Our vigorous R&D program keeps the software up-to-date, expertly supported, and always innovative and fresh.

Custom Software
Placeways' expert developers create innovative GIS-powered applications. Examples include interactive websites for public engagement, sophisticated planning models and CommunityViz customizations, 3-D visuals, and more. We understand both the concepts and science of planning and we are good explainers, so our applications are smart on the inside and make sense on the outside.

The mission of Placeways is to give people a new, clearer picture of their physical world and all its interrelated dimensions. The company was created in 2005 by a group of former CommunityViz employees with a deep commitment to both the values embodied in the software and to the fast-growing and exciting community of people who use it. As we grow, we find ourselves lucky to attract talented people with unusual combinations of talents that make Placeways a vibrant place full of creativity, ideas and passion. We look forward to the possibility of sharing some of them with you.